Once you have accepted and are comfortable with the itinerary, we will send you an official travel confirmation which includes the details of the trip (hotel accommodation, travel information, etc.) and an invoice.

In order to confirm your booking with us you will be required to pay 30% of the total cost of the trip as an advance. The remaining 70% of the bill must be paid at least 30 days prior to arrival in India (if the booking is made and confirmed within 30 days of departure, you will be requested to pay the entire amount (100%) of the bill at the time of booking.

If the client is forced to cancel the booking prior to departure, the cancellation policy will be followed.

Once the tour/ trek starts and is canceled due to any reason beyond our control, the Company reserves the right for the payment of refunds to the client and will be on Company’s discretion.

In case of any delay beyond our control, the client will have to bear extra cost for the extra days as per the option chosen on per day basis.

In case the strength falls below the stipulated group strength or the Client can travel as individual travelers, then a different rate i.e. not group rate would be applicable.

The company reserves the rights to decline to reserve any person or persons as client for any trek without assigning any reason whatsoever.


It is in the nature of a holiday to be flexible. The day-to-day agenda and ultimate goal of the tour is taken as an aim and not as a contractual obligation. We shall not be responsible for the delays or alterations in the program or expenses incurred due to conflict, international or internal flight delay or cancellations, strikes, sickness, weather, war, vehicle problems, political closures and disputes.

The booking is accepted on the understanding that you realize the potential risks and hazards that can be involved in holiday, especially in Adventure tours. We  along with our leaders/guides and any one else working in association with us can not be held responsible for any death, accident or mishap that may occur in connection with any part of, or services connected with the holiday.

The cost is for the entire package and there would be no refunds in case any part of the package is not availed.

Before the guests come on a holiday, they must be covered by insurance, which has to include the cost of helicopter rescue and cost of repatriation if they become too ill to continue. The travel insurance should cover Adventure Holiday too if it’s an adventure tour.

The Company would not be liable to pay any kind of compensation arising because of any mishap, sickness, accident etc.


The client will be refunded full amount in case cancellation is received one month prior to the departure of trek/ tour.

From Date of booking – 30 days only communication charges of Rs 2000.00 per Person

  • From 29 to 15 days of departure: 30% of the package cost
  • From 14 to 10 days of the departure: 50% of the package cost
  • Less than 10 days of departure: 75% of the package cost
  • No show: 100% of the package cost

No refund will be made in case cancellation is received two weeks before the departure of the trek/tour.


India is a vast and different culture.  Here are a few important tips

It is advisable to drink bottled water or packaged mineral water while on tours to India.

Carry your medications if any while you’re on India tours

You are advised not to dine on very spicy food immediately after arrival in India. Specially if you are not used to it, allow yourself a few days before you start trying delightful Indian cuisine.

If you plan to tour the attractions in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, then you’ll be required to get special Restricted Area tour permits from the authorized India Tourist Office.

Banks in India function from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1230 hours.

Post offices in India work from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1630 hours.

All the government and administrative offices in India function from 0930 to 1700 hours on weekdays.

Important do’s and don’ts

It is imperative to carry a copy of your passport and travel documents

Purchase air / rail or travel tickets from authorized travel agents only.

Foreign nationals are required to fill up a Currency Declaration Form and a Disembarkation Card on arrival in India. Tourists should make an oral declaration of the baggage they possess.

The two main channels of customs clearance are the Green Channel and the Red Channel.

Foreign nationals are required to have a Yellow fever vaccination certificate while traveling to India.



You required proper VISA to visit India. All nationals need visa for India before arrival in to India. You are requested to approach the nearest Indian consulate to obtain tourist VISA – You could also try the link


Water-Must drink mineral water only and many good companies in India have mineral water but don’t drink tap water. All five star hotels have good purified water and it is safe for brushing your teeth etc.

Voltage-India has 220 voltages so if you are carrying hair dryers or any electric gadget they need converter and also they need adapter because in India the plugs are all round in shape and in USA they are flat.

Rupee is national currency. You can change the currency in all the hotels or at the airport, There are authorized money changes also in cities, do take a receipt whenever you en-cash any foreign currency. Credit cards are accepted at most places. ATM machines are also available at various places

MEDICATIONS -As per the Government of India we don’t need any shots but again please check with your doctor. We do recommend taking malaria pills or repellion as some parts of the country are still Malaria prone.