November 1, 2022
Cultural Indian tours

Explore a great civilization and the magnificence of its architectural legacy while exploring this amazing galaxy of monuments. Because of their numerous intra-cultural interactions, these sites are home to almost every conceivable historic style.

I advise travelling to DELHI, a harmonious synthesis of Hindu, Mughal, and Colonial architecture; and AGRA for its renowned architectural masterpiece TAJMAHAL, a representation of riches and splendor. Discover GWALIOR, which features a unique fusion of Italian, Tuscan, and Corinthian architecture, Jai Vilas Palace, unwind in the small village of ORCHHA, which is blessed with history and mediaeval temples, and take some time to discover KHAJURAHO, the highest point of the North Indian Nagara architectural style.

Visit the Sanchi Stupa, the oldest stone building in India and a World Heritage Site, as well as BHOPAL and MANDU while on this magnificent adventure of yours. You’ll be spellbound by the Neolithic rock paintings at the BHIMBETKA WORLD HERITAGE SITE. You will be astounded by the amazing provincial Islamic architecture in the small ghost town of MANDU, which developed from the fusion of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. Visit AURANGABAD as well as the historic fusion of Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic, and contemporary architectural styles in MUMBAI, as well as the ancient cave temples of AJANTA AND ELLORA.