November 12, 2022
Cultural Indian tours

Explore the Dravida and Vesara styles of Tamil Nadu rock architecture and appreciate the architecture and divine beauty of age-old temples. The best way to cover this is to go to  CHENNAI,  which has a mix of architectural styles ranging from ancient Dravidian temples to the Indo- Saracenic style of the colonial era.

At TRICHY and TANJORE, visit the Dravidian-style Brahadeshwara and Gangaikondacholapuram

temples, as well as the Meenakshi Temple in MADURAI, which is a magnificent example of

Dravidian-style temple architecture.

Visit BANGALORE for structures of various eras in neo-Dravidian, Gothic, Indo-Islamic, and even Tudor styles, and don’t forget MYSORE for the exquisite Mysore Palace, a unique blend of Indo-Saracenic, Dravidian, and Oriental-Roman styles.

HASSAN, will leave you spellbound for its, and HAMPI, the World Heritage Site for its ancient architectural glory will add to the charm. Rock-cut structural Cave Temples at BADAMI, AIHOEL and PATTADAKAL depicting the early phase of South Indian architecture will prompt you to return to the country again to explore more.