November 14, 2022
Cultural Indian tours

If you want to explore and learn about Rajasthan’s cultural diversity, go to SAMODE and explore this quaint village on foot, cycle, camelback, or horseback. Also, go to JAIPUR, where the past comes alive in magnificent forts and palaces.

Add three or four days to visit KARAULI, a colorful small town where Indian religiosity can be seen at its purest. BAINSROGARH for a village safari and a stunning 17th century fort; and SHAHPURA BAGH to be guests of the erstwhile ruling family. If you have more time, visit NARLAI, a village trapped in time, and stay in a 17th century hunting lodge converted into a hotel. A few days in Udaipur will add to the fun, with museums, palaces, gardens, monuments, and colorful festivals.